Holocom® PDS- #1 SIPRNet Physical Security Solution

Holocom is the leader in Protective Distribution Systems (PDS) for SIPRNet, JWICS and other classified networks. Here's why:
   •  Proven ability to deliver results
   •  Complete end-to-end PDS product line
   •  Cost-savings compared to EMT
   •  FREE PDS design and services tailored to your requirements
   •  Installation partnerships throughout the world

***NEW*** Alarmed PDS Solution
Holocom, the leader in hardened carrier PDS, and Fiber SenSys®, the leader in fiber-optic sensor technology, have joined forces to broaden your PDS options. When you have a requirement for alarmed PDS, learn how the Holocom/Fiber SenSys team beats the competition in price, service, and scalable options. See SL508 Technical Specifications for additional information.

Holocom vs EMT
Choosing Holocom over EMT is more than just a matter of aesthetics. It's a matter of cost savings ... and more. Whether you have a new SIPRNet installation or are modifying an existing network, learn why organizations are choosing Holocom instead of EMT to meet their SIPRNet requirements.

  All Holocom products conform to the Buy America Act.