Holocom's proprietary high-security enclosures provide physical security to networks and limit unauthorized entry and access. Innovative features such as our patented door back flange and clean aesthetics make us a leader in the market.

Secure Raceways

Our proprietary Secure Raceway continues to be the de facto standard for commercial hardened carrier PDS. Utilizing a user-friendly interlocking design, Holocom PDS makes future moves, adds and changes (MAC) fast, simple and cost effective.

Alarmed PDS

We have partnered with prominent alarm and fiber optic sensor manufacturers to provide a complete alarmed carrier product line. We are the only PDS manufacturer to provide the full package of enclosures, raceways and alarm monitoring systems.

Special Application Security Products

Do you have a special application that requires something beyond our standard offerings? We provide completely custom solutions with our in-house product design. Utilizing our 3D printer, we can have low-cost scaled prototypes within days.