Secure Raceways

Our proprietary Secure Raceway continues to be the de facto standard for commercial hardened carrier PDS.

Engineered to meet NSTISSI No. 7003 guidelines for classified networks, Holocom PDS is a modular raceway system that encloses and protects secure network connections and cables, creating seamless distribution pathways for classified information.

Our innovative Secure Raceway mounts easily on walls and furniture in building office environments while offering an aesthetic appeal, a complete divergence from the traditional steel conduit and excessive pull box/padlock scenario.

Utilizing a user-friendly, interlocking design, Secure Raceway makes future moves, adds and changes (MACs) fast, simple and cost effective, leading to significant savings on life cycle management costs. Due to the nature of the system, the majority of the components can be reused if an office is remodeled or relocated.

Holocom offers FREE system design, with an accurate bill of materials (BOM) and labor estimate to support budgeting. We can also provide installation/design/project management training and certification, and we have installation partners worldwide.


Multiple cable carrier sizes enable customers to match cable count requirements to the appropriate carrier. This results in the most efficient PDS design and economic use of materials. All visible components have a powder coated, tamper-evident finish enhancing inspection and NSTISSI 7003 compliance as well as aesthetics.

Secure Distribution System (SDS): Two-piece, 2” x 2” Secure Raceway is the original Holocom raceway. The raceway and top cap “lock down” with the patented Holocom secure locking system.

Secure Large CarrierTM (SLC): Two-piece, 6” x 3.5“ Secure Raceway provides more than seven (7) times the cable capacity of Holocom 2” x 2” Secure Raceway, making it the perfect backbone carrier for high count cable design systems. SLC uses the same Holocom locking system.

Secure Mini DuktTM (SMD): Single piece Tube was designed for use within rooms and provides a smaller footprint on the wall without compromising sufficient cable capacity. It utilizes its patented and part reducing mounting bracket to secure it to the wall for runs over 5’.

Secure Medium Carrier (SMC): Two-piece, 4” x 4.5” top opening raceway designed for under raised floors with a hardened and alarmed carrier hybrid PDS solution. Utilizes mounting brackets and the same Holocom locking system.