Holocom Certification Training Program

As of August 2016, all three Holocom Training courses carry BICSI accreditation. BICSI CECs can be earned upon completion of each of these courses.

The Holocom curriculum consists of three courses: Installation, Design, and Quality Assurance. Implementation experience is required for final certification.

Introduction to Holocom Training

Holocom PDS has physical characteristics that require different installation techniques than those used for generic EMT conduit. Due to these differences, Holocom offers training courses to ensure that customers receive a classified network installation that is compliant and approved. Most courses prepare students for required industry recognized certification, which is a welcomed addition to any resume.


Certificate of Course Completion

Upon successful completion of the Certification Requirements for any Holocom training course, students receive a Certificate of Course Completion stating the competencies gained through the curriculum.

Learning Method

To help you meet your training goals, we provide a comprehensive learning experience consisting of both classroom and actual installation experience.


101 Installation Training

Holocom's 101 Installation Training educates the prospective Holocom PDS installer on basic installation techniques and quality assurance requirements, as well as provides an overview on the fundamentals of Holocom PDS and applicable references.

BICSI Credits
: 18 CECs

Prerequisite: Experience with layer one cable installation or other cable management installation experience.

Certification Requirement: Two actual installations or a twenty (20) drop project with a quality assurance review.

201 Design and Engineering Training

Holocom’s 201 Design and Engineering training educates the experienced Holocom PDS installer in design, engineering, and estimating techniques for a PDS installation. Training includes use of AutoCAD design, special design considerations, zoning techniques, and Holocom’s best practices for designing and estimating Holocom PDS.

BICSI Credits
: 4 CECs

Prerequisite: Holocom 101 Installation Training preferred.

Certification Requirement: Completion of two designs with corresponding bill of material that have been verified by a Holocom review.

301 Quality Assurance Training

Holocom’s 301 Quality Assurance Training educates the Holocom PDS user on best practices for procurement and implementation of the Holocom solution in a way that ensures compliance with regulatory and Holocom standards. Training will cover the Holocom product catalog, proper installation methods, and how best to approach inspection and oversight of a Holocom PDS implementation.

BICSI Credits
: 2 CEC

Prerequisite: None.

Certification Requirement: Holocom 301 Quality Assurance Training.

For additional information or to arrange training for your company, send an email to customerservice@holocom.com.