Alarmed PDS

As a complete PDS solution provider, Holocom has partnered with advanced fiber optic sensor manufacturers and software developers to add these “best of breed” solutions to our PDS product line. Holocom is the only PDS solution provider that offers a complete end-to-end solution: from enclosures and raceways, to fiber optic alarm systems.

Our Alarmed Carrier PDS (A-PDS) systems utilize the latest in fiber optic sensing technology to detect physical intrusion and tampering attempts into classified networks installed with either Holocom Raceway or EMT. Our A-PDS can also stand alone in approved armored interlocking fiber with our secure user drop box and enclosures.

Used in conjunction with Holocom Secure Raceway our innovative sensors detect intentional and accidental tampering of network cables to provide complete Layer 1 network security, while also benefiting from the clean appearance and simple moves, adds and changes of our popular hardened carrier. Holocom Alarmed Systems can also be installed in EMT to eliminate the need for periodic visual inspections or bring existing PDS systems into compliance, as well as with an approved interlocking armored fiber above the ceiling or below floors.

Holocom is the only manufacturer to offer complete hardened distribution system (hardened and alarmed carrier) PDS solutions approved for SIPRNet and other classified networks: