Category: Raceway Systems, SDS – 2” Square, Connectors,
Weight: 1lbs
Dimensions: Height 2.5" x Width 2.25" x Depth x 2.25"
International harmonized code: 8536908010

The patented Secure Interface Sleeve (INF) is designed to transition the Secure Raceway to a Secure Enclosure or Through-Wall Kit. The INF connects all of the Holocom High Security Enclosures to Secure Raceway. Holocom improved upon its original INF by redesigning the flange shape from square to round. The round flange completely covers the penetration hole and eliminates the need to align an additional part previously used for ensuring aesthetics. By changing the design of this one component in the INF, installation requires fewer parts thereby improving installation efficiency.

Electro-galvanized steel. Powder Coat Finish: White Textured. Round flange, Diameter 3.25" x Thickness .125". 2” NPT external threads. Includes 2" Conduit Locknut and 2" Conduit Bushing.