Category: Raceway Systems, SDS – 2” Square, Connectors,
Weight: 4 lbs
Dimensions: N/A
International harmonized code: 8536908010

The T-shaped Three-Way Connector provides a right-angle turn along a wall and is often used to provide a connection between the main Secure Raceway and the drop to an end-user enclosure. This two-piece connector consists of a base and cover which come apart through the double-action spring-lock mechanism. Three manufactured mounting points on the base allow a simplified, labor-saving mounting technique.

16-gauge electro-galvanized steel. Powder Coat Finish: White Textured. Consists of two pieces, a base and a cover. BASE: includes three (3) manufactured mounting points located along connector center line. COVER: includes three (3) double-action spring-lock mechanisms.