Category: Raceway Systems, SLC – Secure Large Carrier, Connectors,
Weight: 1.75 lbs
Dimensions: N/A
International harmonized code: 8536908010

The Secure Large Carrier™ Mounting Bracket provides three distinct functions. It holds two ends of raceway, provides the raceway installation point, and stands the connected raceway one inch off the wall. The Mounting Bracket has four (4) integrated one-inch spacers and four (4) manufactured mounting points for simplified, labor-saving installation. The two upper mounting points align with the mounting points on the two ends of adjoining raceway or connector.

16-gauge electro-galvanized steel. Powder Coat Finish: White Textured. Four (4) manufactured mounting points including two (2) manufactured mounting points that align with each adjoining section of raceway. Four integrated one-inch spacers, which allow 360° inspection. Packaged individually.