SMD TWK- THRU-WALL-KIT- 007 (1" x 24")

Category: Raceway Systems, SMD – Secure Mini Dukt, Through-Wall Kits,
Weight: 3.0 lbs
Dimensions: 24"
International harmonized code: 8536908010

The #7 Secure Mini Dukt™ (SMD) Through-Wall Kit provides a 1” through-wall pathway in multiple installation scenarios, including: 1) SMD Tube to SDS 2”x2” Secure Raceway or Secure Large Carrier (SLC) Raceway, 2) SMD Tube with SMD Connector to SDS 2”x2” Raceway or SLC Raceway, 3) SMD Tube to a User Drop Box or other enclosure. It can be used with a ninety-degree SMD Interface Sleeve (SMD-CT-INF90), sold separately, to change the SMD Tube run direction or transition to a user drop (SEC-WM-UDB3-H1).

THROUGH-WALL KIT INCLUDES: one (1) 1” x 24” galvanized steel NPT threaded pipe, one (1) 1” conduit bushing, one (1) 1” conduit lock nut, one (1) 1” Chase nipple, one (1) 1” NPT powder-coated coupler, one (1) trim ring, and one SMD Interface Sleeve.