SDS TWK- THRU-WALL KIT- 001 (1" x 12")

Category: Raceway Systems, SDS – 2” Square, Through-Wall Kits,
Weight: 2 lbs
Dimensions: 12"
International harmonized code: 8536908010

The #1 Through-Wall Kit provides a one-inch through-wall pathway in multiple installation scenarios, including: 1) SDS 2”x2” Raceway to SDS 2”x2” Raceway, 2) SDS 2”x2” Raceway to User Drop Box or other enclosure, 3) User Drop Box to User Drop Box or other enclosure. The components provide smooth cable movement, and a powder-coated trim ring and coupler for a more finished appearance between the Raceway and the wall.

THROUGH-WALL KIT INCLUDES: one (1) 1" x 12" NPT galvanized steel threaded pipe, two (2) 1" conduit bushings, two (2) 1" conduit lock nuts, two (2) 1” NPT powder-coated couplers, two (2) 1” Chase nipples, and two (2) powder-coated trim rings.