Category: Raceway Systems, SLC – Secure Large Carrier, Connectors,
Weight: 1.5 lbs
Dimensions: N/A
International harmonized code: 8536908010

The Secure Large Carrier™ Secure Raceway Joint adds rigidity to all Secure Large Carrier™ Raceway or Connector end-to-end joints. Two (2) manufactured mounting points align with the MMPs on the Secure Large Carrier™ Mounting Bracket and Raceway or Connectors, allowing simplified, labor-saving installation. Four (4) are included with each SLC Raceway Kit (SLC-WM-RCW-ST-20), and an additional two (2) must be specified with each SLC connector.

12-gauge electro-galvanized steel. Not powder coated. Two (2) manufactured mounting points. Packaged individually.