Category: Raceway Systems, SMC - Secure Medium Carrier, Raceway,
Weight: 77 lbs
Dimensions: Raceway: Length 47" x Height 4.4" x Width 4". TopCap: Length 47" x Height 1" x Width 2"
International harmonized code: 730661

The floor-mounted Secure Medium Carrier provides an option for securing networks within raised floor applications. Secure Medium Carrier is constructed from 16-gauge electro-galvanized steel and consists of two components: Raceway and TopCap. Secure Medium Carrier provides a large cable capacity and uses the same patented locking technology used with Holocom 2″ x 2″ Secure Raceway. There are two welded tabs on the underneath side of the TopCap, providing a surface to attach a fiber optic cable when this Raceway is used in an alarmed monitoring installation scenario.

16-gauge electro-galvanized steel. Supplied in 4′ sections in a 20′ kit. Consists of two components: Raceway and TopCap. Raceway comes with four (4) manufactured mounting points 3.5 “ and 1.5″ from each end. Max 167 CAT 6 STP cable capacity (.28” diameter).